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Griephallen-Bergen. Nov 2016

Mike & Graham Oliver ( Saxon ). Mike handling Sound & Lighting at Rock & Bike Fest 2017

Oslo Koncerthus Nov. 2016

Griephallen-Bergen Nov. 2016

Bronte Blues Club. A sad last day, 7.5 yrs mixing sound for over 100 touring professional gigs.

A "leg-end" ....apparently

Bath Halls – Scunthorpe. The Chicago Blues Brothers and a “leg end” ….apparently

Princess Theatre – Clacton. The lonely life of a long distance lampie 😉

P&O Inaugural Blues Cruise Nov. 2016

Atlas Arena-Lodz, Poland. Nov. 2014

Lighting T-Rex Halifax gig

Coffee… lots of coffee!

Backstage with “The Booster”

Backstage with “Elwood”

Sheffield City Hall 14/4/17